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what is your diagnosis ?
Published on 2014-06-22 by Elie Chammas
History and Findings

A 52 y old Iraqi man was admitted to the hospital for dyspnea and lower extemety edema. He is Diabetic on insulin and oral hypoglycemics, hypertensive treated with a combination of ARB and Thiazide diuretic, dyslipidemic on Rosuvastatin.

He had chronic renal failure with renal transplantation 4 years ago in India.

He started to have chest pain, dsypnea, lower extremety edema and increase in weight since 3 months. A work up done in Iraq showed a creatinine level at 3,3 mg/dl, ECG: Sinus rythm with LVH, Cardiac echo EF 50-55%, Modertae concentric LVH, Elevated right-sided pressures at 45 mm Hg of PASP. A cardiac cath done in Baghdad revealed non significant CAD

On admission, he was dyspneic with regular tachycardia. The lungs were clear with  lower extremety edema and hepatomagaly. ECG: Sinus tachycardia with LVH. Chest x ray: cardiomegaly with clear lungs. The creatinine level was 4,6 mg/dl. An echocardiogram  revealed concentric LVH, the speckle tracking bull's eye imageis shown below.

What is your diagnosis ?

The answer and discussion will be will be posted next week.

video 1
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